How the Interior Appeal of a Home Will Bring a Buyer Back

Finding a realtor does not take the burden off the seller. In fact, the curb and the interior of a house should be prepared for sale before it is listed or the price will be reduced as the house lingers on the market.

A few tips will help the inexperienced seller meet the expectations of realtors and buyers.

Clearing Clutter Opens a Confined Space and Motivates Buyers

Unless the asking price is below market value and buyers know what to expect, clutter is a lack of consideration that curtails a showing. Clutter confuses and prevents a buyer from visualizing his potential new home says the experts from investment property of Texas.

An engaging interior keeps a buyer in the house and increases the opportunity of its sale. With this purpose in mind, homeowners can hire a professional stager, or at least begin the process:

  • Rent storage space
  • Get cardboard boxes, plastic containers, decorative baskets
  • Get rid of clutter

A Place for Each Thing and Each Thing in its Place

To begin is to put things where they belong. If a space is crowded, unused or unseasonal items must fill boxes marked for charity donations or the storage unit.

Appropriate containers hold magazines, toys, and other unruly items. A negative impression for a buyer is to see things stowed under beds. And, the kitty litter-box belongs in the garage.

Taking boxes out of the house as soon as they accumulate will clear the space and the mind, and provides a sense of accomplishment.

Closet Organization Makes a Good Impression

A buyer might target unusual places such as the entry hall closet. Leaving the door ajar can show off a freshly painted empty space.

Bedroom closets must lose half of their content. Excess clothing fill luggage to optimize hanging and shelving space. Bins and baskets are acceptable on the floor.

The Kitchen Must Convince a Cook

The most important room shows tidiness and cleanness. Small items such as magnets, mail, or keys are put away. Instruction manuals bring attention to new appliances. The trash bin is lined with a clean commercial bag. Stove, sink, refrigerator and oven doors are spotless.

  • Keep counters to a bare minimum

. Save a set of new kitchen towels for showings

  • Attract good Feng Shui with a bowl of fruit, of a single kind for more impact

The Bathrooms must not Drain a Sale

Cabinets, faucets, vanities, mirrors, lighting, and tubs or showers sparkle. Loose caulking is unsanitary and so is a toilet with the lid up. Tooth brushes, razors, denture containers, or other personal care and cleaning products are out of sight.

  • Repaint walls in a neutral shade
  • Remove shower curtains to open up space
  • Limit visible items to new towels, a vanity set, tissue paper

. Save a new fresh-scented bar of soap for showings

Something about the Dining, Living, and Family Rooms

The furniture of each room reflects its purpose. A dining-room used as an office space must be converted back even with temporary furniture.

The family-room shelves display no personal memorabilia. Carpets are replaced if heavily soiled. A throw conceals a stain on upholstered seats.

The dining-room and living-room are decorated with larger items to enhance visual space. An attractive bowl or flowers anchor all tables.

Bedrooms convey tranquility. Nightstands and dressers are uncluttered and photographs removed. Children’s rooms are tidied with baskets and boxes. Fresh air suggests a good night sleep.

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