Vacation Rental Property Kitchen List: A Checklist of Necessary Basics for any VRP

The kitchen is an essential part of any vacation rental property; after all, most guests choose a VRP because they want to save some money by being able to cook. Nothing is more frustrating to a renter than going to a vacation rental property with a “fully furnished kitchen” and finding insufficient tools even to make a simple meal like spaghetti. Start with this basic checklist and the basics for a well-stocked kitchen will be covered.If you need help, dfw real estate companies can always help.

Kitchen Basics:

  • at least twice as many plates, and bowls as the property can sleep (renters hate having to wash after every time they eat or drink)
  • serving dishes
  • at least twice as many basic glasses as the property can sleep
  • silverware–at least twice as many forks, knives, and spoons as the property can sleep
  • wine glasses, both red and white
  • at least one nonstick fry pan
  • 2 quart saucepan
  • 4 quart saucepan
  • 9×13 pan
  • 8×8 pan
  • strainer
  • mixing bowls
  • 9” round cake pan
  • cookie sheets
  • jelly roll pans
  • knives (Buy a reasonably good set, but with plastic handles, so they won’t get ruined when guests put the knives in the dishwasher.)
  • multiple cutting boards
  • large roasting pan (Disposable is acceptable. Thanksgiving is in high demand at vacation rental properties; make guests feel at home and able to make a full thanksgiving meal.)
  • pie pan.


  • electric griddle
  • blender
  • crock pot (especially in cold climates)
  • toaster
  • coffee maker
  • mixer (hand mixer is acceptable)
  • microwave

Kitchen Gadgets:

  • spatula (rubber, used for scraping bowls)
  • spatula (plastic or metal, used for lifting food from a pan or griddle)
  • whisk
  • rolling pin
  • kettle
  • wooden spoon
  • basting brush
  • tongs
  • kitchen scissors
  • potato masher
  • slotted spoon
  • spaghetti claw
  • corkscrew
  • bottle opener
  • can opener
  • potholders

Disposables and Incidentals:

  • Dish soap
  • dishwasher soap
  • green scrubbies
  • dish towels
  • waxed paper
  • aluminum foil
  • cling wrap (like Saran Wrap)

Nice Touches:

  • Salt and Pepper
  • Assorted basic dried herbs and spices

What Not to Include:

While spices, salt, and pepper are acceptable consumables to leave for guests, just about any other food is not appropriate. Many guests will leave behind condiments, pancake syrup, and many other basic ingredients, but many renters find it distasteful to go to a property and find partially used food products. Throw away anything left behind by other guests.

This list is merely a starting point for a well-stocked kitchen. The more duplication (of items like wooden spoons and mixing bowls) and thoughtful pieces of kitchen equipment available (like coffee bean grinders), the better experience the guests will have. A great kitchen is a huge selling point, and a powerful tool in marketing any rental property, but few people managing their own vacation rental properties fully realize the marketing potential. Equipping a kitchen particularly well will attract new guests and keep guests returning time and time again.

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